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GastroPlus24 offers you the opportunity to return purchased products within 14 days after receipt of the goods and to exchange them for another product with the same value, if the following criteria are met:

- The return application has to be submitted to GastroPlus24 no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods.

- The goods have to be unused and undamaged. If the goods consist of individual parts, they have to be complete. The removal of the protective film on the goods is considered as usage.

- The goods have to be in their original packaging and safe for transport or as originally packed (protective materials, protective films, lashing straps, etc.).

- The return has to be approved by GastroPlus24.

- Costs and transport risk for the return transport are borne by the customer.

- The return service only applies to orders up to a net value of goods of 2,500 Euro.

Excluded from the return service are only special constructions and individually procured products at customer requirement.

If your products meet the return criteria, please fill in our return application completely. Your request will be processed and checked by our service team as soon as possible. If all criteria are fulfilled, you will receive the corresponding return address by e-mail. The return has to be assigned and carried by the customer. We will gladly recommend a local and inexpensive carrier to you. You will receive a credit note within 10 days after receipt of your return shipment and inspection of the product condition.

Important: Please return the products only if they meet the requirements of our return service and we have confirmed this to you.

Please note that the return is a voluntary service of GastroPlus24. A legal right of revocation of 14 days applies exclusively to end customers and not to commercial buyers.

Return application
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