Financing of catering equipment



Regardless whether it's just a pizza oven, gas stove or a complete kitchen exhaust system: With our partner, the ALBIS Leasing Group, you can easily finance your new commercial cooking devices - even if you are currently on a low budget. Leasing and hire purchase are only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Austria & Switzerland starting from 7,500 € value of goods)

Leasing of catering appliances

The leasing contract is concluded for a fixed leasing term. Decide for yourself: You can choose between 30 and 60 months. This corresponds to a minimum of 40% and a maximum of 90% of the normal operating life. At the end of the term you have 3 options: Return the object, acquire a residual book value or extend the leasing contract.


Your benefits at a glance:

Stable rates

✔ Clear calculation basis and long-term planning

Individual contract design

✔ You determine the term and thus the amount of the monthly instalment.

Preservation of liquidity

✔ Your equity ratio & creditworthiness remains unaffected

Tax advantages

✔ Leasing instalments monthly fully tax-deductible (according to depreciation)


✔ Leasing object earns its rate itself


Hire purchase of catering equipment

The hire-purchase agreement is also concluded for a fixed term. Full cost control: In this case however, the term is not based on the normal operating life, but on the total costs/term. The statutory VAT is paid in advance by the hire-purchaser. You can then claim this for input tax. Ownership is automatically transferred to the hire-purchaser at the end of the contract.


Your benefits at a glance:

Stable rates

✔ Stable monthly rates - full cost control


✔ Contract term is depreciation independent

Preservation of liquidity

✔ Your equity ratio & creditworthiness remains unaffected

Freedom & cost control

✔ Rental & purchase option with full cost control


✔ Ownership transferred at the end of the term to hire-purchaser


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Financing of catering equipment

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